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Yoga for Meatheads – Previous Faculty Gymnasium

A easy 10 minute intro to yoga with poses which might be useful to weight lifters

-Solar Salutation – 1 minute

-Warrior Sequence  – 3 minutes per aspect (3 poses all sides, 1 minute per pose)

-Standing Bow Pose – 1 minute all sides

-Upward/Downward Canine – 2 minutes

Fast, get out a pen and a sheet of paper, it’s time for a fast pop quiz.  I need you to make a listing of your priorities within the health club and the targets of your exercise plan.  Group all your solutions into both “excessive precedence” or “low precedence”.

I’m keen to guess with a reasonably excessive diploma of certainty that the majority of your lists would share a number of frequent themes:  getting stronger, growing weight on the large 3 lifts, getting larger arms, stronger core, reducing physique fats, and so forth.

I’m additionally keen to guess with equally excessive diploma of certainty that there are two notable absences from most of your lists.  Flexibility. Stability.

Flexibility and Stability are two of an important components to retaining your physique wholesome and damage free as you pursue your in any other case meat-headish targets.  It doesn’t take a Rhodes scholar to know that by staying damage free you’ll miss much less exercises and be capable to go exhausting and heavy extra typically, which is able to inevitably result in extra beneficial properties.  But when that is such an important part to coaching, then why do most weightlifters not place a precedence on flexibility and stability? Listed below are a few frequent causes:

#1  No Time

I get it.  Your health club time is restricted to an hour or two every day.  By the point you get within the door, chug your pre exercise, heat up a bit bit particular to the times exercise, and discover the right playlist on spotify, the clock is already ticking down and chances are you’ll barely have sufficient time to crush the times “get large” plan.  Who needs to spend a bit of their treasured health club time on one thing that doesn’t yield measurable – or ought to I say visible – outcomes?

#2  It’s not my fashion.

What a meat head excuse.  Simply because there isn’t a chalk required and also you most likely don’t have to grunt throughout it, doesn’t imply you must skip flexibility work.

#3  My flexibility sucks.

Come on robust man.  In the event you had a weak bench, would you simply skip that too?  No, in fact not. You’ll discover a technique to enhance your bench, implementing the right accent work.  The truth that your flexibility is missing is all of the extra cause to deal with it.

#4 It’s boring.

Okay you bought me there.  That primary static stretch routine you realized in highschool health club class is fairly rattling boring.  Regardless of how useful one thing is, whether it is boring the possibilities you’ll implement it recurrently are near zilch.

After taking all of these causes under consideration, I can see why all of you meat heads on the market wrestle with mobility and suppleness.  If solely there was a program that was not boring, had a difficult power aspect to it, and could possibly be completed rapidly…possibly issues could be completely different.

Full disclosure:  I’ve been doing Yoga for years and I like it.  However as a lot as I might get pleasure from going to Bikram Sizzling Yoga class just a few occasions per week, I simply don’t have room in my schedule for 2 hours of flexibility work.  I do know this – the extra time I spend loosening up my hamstrings and psoas, the much less my recurring again damage flares up, and the tougher I can go within the weight room.  With a purpose to clear up the time crunch dilemma that I (and meatheads similar to your self) face on a weekly foundation, I created a brief and easy Yoga program – “Yoga for Meatheads”.  I took a number of of what I might contemplate the important yoga poses and put them collectively in a straightforward to comply with 10 minute routine. The poses I’ve chosen are those which have probably the most potential profit to the common weight lifter and needs to be easy sufficient for the newbie to grasp.  The aim of this routine is to loosen the hamstrings and all the posterior chain, stretch the psoas and different hip flexors, enhance spinal mobility, and enhance single leg stability. Here’s a breakdown of every pose:

  1. Solar Salutation

Type:  Begin standing together with your arms at your sides.  Slowly inhale as you increase your arms out to the aspect and up over head.  As your ribcage expands, arch again barely as you attain towards the sky, lengthening your backbone.  Let your head fall again. Start to exhale slowly as you bend ahead, bringing your arms in direction of the highest of your toes.  Maintain the underside place for just a few seconds then inhale as you increase up and repeat. Spend 1 minute transferring via the pose.

Why its good for you:  Let’s face it, years of heavy deadlifting have left your hammys as tight as a guitar string.  The solar salutation will assist loosen the hamstrings and your whole backbone, all whereas getting you to decelerate and focus in your respiratory.  The extra environment friendly you possibly can turn into together with your respiratory, the extra pure it’s going to really feel to time your breaths together with your reps throughout heavy lifting classes.

  1. Warrior Sequence

Type: Begin in a lunge place together with your proper foot out in entrance and your torso impartial.  Increase your arms up overhead, bringing your palms collectively. Sink down into the pose till you’re feeling a superb stretch within the rear leg.  Arch your backbone barely and maintain this place for 20 seconds then convey your arms out to your sides. Rotate to the left, bringing your proper arm up entrance and parallel to your proper thigh and your left behind you.  Look straight forward and maintain this place for 20 seconds. Subsequent, shift your proper shoulder downward, bringing your proper hand in direction of the within ankle of your proper foot. Push outward in opposition to your leg with the again of your arm and push your hips ahead (or in direction of your arm, matching the strain).  Look upward in direction of your left arm and maintain this place for 20 seconds. As soon as the pose is full, rotate again to beginning place and step your left foot up so it’s even together with your proper. Step your proper foot again and repeat the identical sequence on the other aspect. Full 3 sequences per aspect, for a complete of 6 minutes.

Why it’s good for you: Everybody loves a problem, proper?  Going again to your excuse about flexibility work being boring, this collection is the precise reverse.  In case your legs are weak or lack endurance, this six minute grind will expose them. So there’s a power aspect to this pose collection, in addition to a flexibility profit.  The psoas, adductors, and hips will all loosen up and profit from the Warrior collection, making your units of lunges, cut up squats, and step ups extra useful.

  1. Standing Bow Pose.

Type: Drop your proper arm to your aspect and switch your palm out.  Bend your proper knee and seize your ankle stretching your quad.  Attain ahead together with your left arm as you concurrently kick your proper foot up and again, urgent in opposition to your hand.  Don’t let your knee flare out because it raises, and attempt to maintain your submit leg robust and straight. Cost ahead so far as you possibly can and maintain the place so long as attainable.  Work on one aspect for 1 minute, and an extra minute on the other aspect.

Why it’s good for you:  Stability, stability, stability.  What good is all that muscle in case you can’t even stand on one foot with out falling over?  This pose additionally offers your hamstrings and psoas an intensive stretching, growing hip mobility which can have a direct influence in your squat method.

  1. Downward Canine/Upward Canine

Type:  Begin in a push up place. Increase your hips within the air as you push your shoulders down and again, forming an A-Body together with your physique.  Drive your heels in direction of the bottom, retaining your legs straight as you’re feeling the stretch out of your glutes all the way down to your achilles tendons.  that is Downward Canine. Maintain the place for 10 seconds then swoop down right into a push up, however let your hips fall to the bottom. Lengthen your arms and arch upward, stretching your abs and letting your toes fall flat.  Maintain the Upward Canine place for 10 seconds. Rotate between these two poses for a complete of two minutes.

Why it’s good for you:   Like most yoga poses there’s a power aspect concerned, because the shoulders and triceps will get some work within the downward place.  Likelihood is your abs are tight, notably in case you do any kind of flexion actions in your core coaching, and Upward Canine will assist fight that.  The achilles stretch on Downward canine is very useful in your squat and deadlift. Tight ankles and lack of calve mobility will trigger your knees to float ahead – or worse, your heels to return off the bottom – as you arrange on the backside for a heavy pull or once you take a heavy squat all the way down to the basement.  Couple that with the great over all hamstring stretch (discover a pattern right here?) and you’ve got one of the vital useful yoga poses for weightlifters.

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