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What are the perfect one-handed Skyrim weapons?

Hey there, Nords, at this time we take you thru Nord coaching college, getting you in control with martial practices over right here in Skyrim. Are you planning on plating a Warrior, maybe a Rogue, or a Battle Mage, or one thing fully completely different? Nicely, if the reply is sure, we’ll information you thru the perfect one0handed Skyrim weapon.

Word, this text is bearing in mind anybody who’s enjoying the Skyrim Particular Version, together with the Skyrim tenth Anniversary version, which launches on November 11. When you’re new to the sport or getting rekindled with one of the crucial standard RPGs of all time, it will get you in control very quickly.

Greatest one-handed Skyrim weapons

Blade of Woe

Blade of Woe is without doubt one of the most iconic weapons in Elder Scrolls. The blade is a part of the Darkish Brotherhood (as are fairly a number of weapons on this checklist). You’ll be able to seize the weapon by stealing it from the Darkish Brotherhood’s Astrid or by ending the “With Pals Like These” quest. The beauty of this weapon is it grants the participant 10 life on hit, making it a cheeky weapon on tougher difficulties.


Chillrend is an ice-themed sword, that has an opportunity to paralyze opponents. To not point out it is without doubt one of the coolest weapons within the sport. Everytime you unsheath the blade from its cabers, ice reigns down from the weapon, hissing as ice cracks and thaws. The weapon is pretty straightforward to come back throughout, as you possibly can earn it from Mercer Frey, the chief of the Thieves Guild. When you full the hunt, The Pursuit, inside Riftweald Manor, you’re going to get to maintain it. Alternatively, you possibly can steal it from a  locked field contained in the manor. Moreso, the weapon scales as you stage up, so you possibly can seize it at stage one, and make it your major one-handed weapon.


Paladins, Clerics, rejoice, as there’s a weapon on your chivalric, holy warriors. The Dawnbreaker is appreciably golden themed, reflecting the seven in its design. However, whereas it’s visually interesting, it does have its advantages. The sword is a go-to for anybody crusading towards all that’s unholy and evil in Skyrim. Skeletons and Vampires will take further injury towards you, and could have an opportunity to ignite in a fiery blaze, turning to ash earlier than your very eyes. Word the facility of the sword is from a  Daedric Prince, one that’s not fully evil thoughts you. When you’re on this weapon, you possibly can purchase it by finishing the Break of Daybreak quest.


Dragonbane is a sword that, as you possibly can think about, is all about killing Dragons. The weapon grants an additional 40 Damages as you strike at Dragons. The weapon isn’t fully ineffective towards non Draconic foes both, as it can deal 10 shock injury to these foes as an alternative. Don’t overlook to fill these soul gems and replenish its energy.

Miraak’s Sword

If you’d like the strongest injury dealing weapon among the many one-handed class, then you definitely may like Miraak’s Sword. Moreso, it has three weights, making it solely barely slower than the Dragonborn Dagger and the Blade of Woe. If you’d like a Rogue playthrough, you must seize this spooky tentacle weapon, together with the Dragonborn Dagger or Balde of Woe.


Windshear is kind of a robust Scimitar, good for a personality trying to roleplay as a Redguard. You’ll be able to seize your self the Winshear by ending the Hail Sithis quest from the Darkish Brotherhood.  Whenever you get to the hunt, you unlock the Katariah ship, which you’ll go to through the quest, or after in case you are solely simply studying about this now. The Scimitar boasts 11 Injury, and 10 Weight, and is upgradeable through Metal Smithing. When you’re considering upgrading this weapon and making it higher as your progress, this is without doubt one of the greatest one-handed Skyrim weapons to maintain you firm.

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