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Understanding SLAP Lesions | Credihealth Weblog

Labrum is the ring of cartilage that surrounds the shoulder socket, and helps in holding the arm bone within the socket. The biceps tendon attaches to the Labrum at its prime or the superior half. A SLAP Tear refers to an damage to this superior a part of the Labrum. The tear happens within the anterior in addition to posterior of the attachment level.  Overhead and high-contact sport gamers are at a better threat of SLAP Lesions.


Threat components related to SLAP Lesions are as follows:

  1. Motorized vehicle accident
  2. Falling on the shoulder or outstretched arm
  3. Lifting heavy objects
  4. Fast or forceful motion of arm above shoulder degree
  5. Repetitive overhead actions
  6. Shoulder Dislocation

Indicators and Signs

The widespread signs of a SLAP Tear might embody:

  1. Clicking, popping, grinding, or catching sensation within the shoulder
  2. Ache whereas finishing up overhead arm actions
  3. Ache whereas shifting the shoulder in particular positions
  4. Weak spot or Instability within the shoulder
  5. Ache whereas lifting objects
  6. Decreased vary of movement
  7. Decreased shoulder energy


One ought to seek the advice of an Orthopedic for SLAP Tears.


Shoulder Ache can happen for varied causes and therefore it’s tough to establish a SLAP Tear. The physician will undertake the next steps to diagnose the dysfunction:

Historical past: The specialist will analyze data of the affected person’s signs, earlier accidents, therapy taken, actions that irritate shoulder ache, and actual location of the ache.

Bodily Examination: The physician will verify the energy, stability, and vary of movement of the shoulder, by shifting the arms in numerous positions. He might also study the affected person’s neck and head to make sure that the ache will not be a results of a pinched nerve.

Checks: Imaging Checks, resembling, X-Rays and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) present data on bones and soft-tissues. The physician might recommend a MRI Arthrogram whereby he injects a dye within the affected person’s shoulder in order that the tear is clearly seen within the MRI.

Remedy Modalities Accessible for Administration of the Dysfunction

Preliminary therapy choices for SLAP Tear are largely non-surgical, and will embody the next:

  1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine to alleviate ache and swelling.
  2. Bodily remedy to revive motion and adaptability. Workouts prompt by the therapist embody stretching the shoulder capsule and strengthening the rotator cuff muscle tissues.

If non-surgical choices fail and ache persists, the physician might resort to Arthroscopy, a minimally invasive surgical procedure, which includes inserting a small digicam within the shoulder joint to get a transparent image of the damage. The surgeon makes use of devices and makes small incisions to restore the SLAP Tear by eradicating the torn a part of the labrum or re-attaching the torn part with the assistance of stitches. Publish surgical procedure, the surgeon might wrap the affected person’s arm in a sling to guard the labrum.

Identified Issues

Shoulder Arthroscopy is a secure surgical procedure and doesn’t impose any main issues. Nevertheless, there are all the time few potential dangers related to any surgical procedure, resembling, Extreme Bleeding, An infection, Shoulder Stiffness, Blood Clots, and Injury to Blood Vessels or Nerves.


Sufferers affected by a SLAP Tear ought to undertake the next precautions:

  1. Don’t elevate heavy-weight objects.
  2. Keep away from or modify actions which provoke ache to the shoulder.
  3. Don’t bask in over-head or contact sports activities

Dietary and Bodily Exercise Necessities

Sufferers affected by a SLAP Tear shouldn’t bask in lifting heavy objects, overhead arm actions, and different repetitive actions, which could create stress and abuse on the injured shoulder. If the physician recommends carrying a sling, then the affected person shouldn’t lie down on the operated arm. As a substitute, the affected person ought to lie on his again or on the other aspect.

Prevention of the Dysfunction from Taking place or Recurring

One ought to observe the below-mentioned steps to forestall prevalence or recurrence of a SLAP Tear:

  1. Strengthen muscle tissues surrounding the shoulder joint because it helps in sustaining shoulder stability.
  2. Earlier than beginning a sport, perform correct warm-up and stretching workouts.
  3. Use correct methods whereas enjoying sports activities, notably falling methods.
  4. Keep away from strolling on slippery floor to minimize the danger of a fall.

Assist and Assist given by the Caregiver

A SLAP Tear can induce extreme ache whereas finishing up easy actions, resembling, dressing, cooking, and several other different each day life duties. Caregivers ought to present ample help and help in serving to the affected person to deal with the modified life-style, notably if the affected person has undergone surgical procedure.


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