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UFC Star Marlon Moraes Onerous Hitting MMA Exercise

Marlon Moraes has lived as much as his “Magic” moniker. The fighter started coaching in Muay Thai at age 9 and went on to attain nationwide success in his native Brazil, incomes two Muay Thai nationwide championships earlier than making the transition to MMA, the place he’s now signed to the UFC.

Moraes shares his ideas on coaching and diet, and offers a MMA exercise that may be tried anyplace, with no tools required.

“I need to present everybody that all of them can do a MMA exercise, simply utilizing their body weight, and that’s not something sophisticated,” says Moraes, whose typical day of coaching entails two intense classes; rotating between sparring, wrestling, and grappling work. Every of his meals will probably be made as much as embody 100g of protein and 100g of carbohydrates, together with greens.

Between meals, Marlon Moraes will complement with protein shakes and has taken an curiosity within the science behind diet when making visits to the UFC PI. “We meet with dietitians, with professionals, they usually began to introduce us to Thorne,” says Moraes. “Now they’ve the entire system, the place we get to the struggle they usually give us all of the dietary supplements to assist with the food plan, by struggle week, to make weight, and get better with all of the nutritional vitamins.”

Combating at 135 kilos, Marlon Moraes shares that creatine has helped him to obtain the velocity and stamina that’s required to compete on the highest ranges. And, with an MMA report of 23-9-1, the 33-year-old additionally understands that the one option to attain his objectives is to provide his all to coaching. The next exercise from Moraes has been designed to supply an intense session whereas additionally providing you with a taster of MMA, together with protection and assault. If you happen to want to modify this system to swimsuit your individual health degree, you may tweak the variety of seconds, repetitions, or rounds. Right here we go!


UFC fighter and pro-mma fighter Marlon Moraes shadow boxing in the ring
Courtesy of Marlon Moraes

“Earlier than a exercise, you’ve acquired to heat up,” says Moraes, “simply to get our blood going and our physique shifting.”

Arm circles (back and front): 10 reps (each methods) Horizontal triceps stretch: 10 seconds (every arm) Overhead triceps stretch: 10 seconds (every arm) Lateral lunge (reaching towards alternate toes): 10 seconds Lateral stretch (each arms on similar shin, toes wider than shoulder width): 10 seconds (either side) Large-leg ahead bend (with toes greater than shoulder-width aside, lean ahead, and contact the ground with each arms): 10 seconds Leap rope simulation (make small jumps, touchdown on toes): for 10 seconds Excessive kicks: 5 reps (every leg) Squat jumps: 10 reps

The exercise In MMA, your arms at all times need to be as much as shield your self, so preserve your arms up through the exercise wherever potential as in case you are in a defensive blocking place.

Marlon Moraes MMA Exercise — Warmup
Train Reps  Notes
Jab 10 seconds * As you might be throwing your jab, you retain the [other] hand up.
Cross for 10 seconds Mix each jab, then cross 10 seconds 12 per leg
Jab, then excessive knee (reverse leg) 5 either side 8, 12, 12
Jab, excessive knee, then cross 5 either side 8, 12, 12
Jab, kick, then swap stance (one leg is at all times in entrance) 5 either side 12
Jab, cross, swap stance, then kick 5 12
Jab, cross, sprawl, and knee 5 * The sprawl is when somebody makes an attempt to take you down, and also you need to keep away from that state of affairs.
The motion is identical as a burpee.
Relaxation 5 seconds * Be certain to focus on respiratory
Jab, knee, kick, then swap 5
Jab, cross, knee, then kick 5

Marlon Moraes MMA Exercise

3 timed rounds (2 minutes on, 1 minute relaxation): These two-minute blasts are break up into 30-second sections:

Spherical 1 — Be offensive

(Spherical 1)
Train Reps  Notes
Jab and cross 30 seconds You’ll be able to stand or transfer round somewhat bit.
Sprawl with jab and cross mixture 30 seconds
Alternating excessive knees 30 seconds Proper then left, and preserve going
Jab, cross, then kick mixture 30 seconds
Relaxation 60 seconds
UFC fighter Marlon Moraes performing the first round of his MMA Workout
Courtesy of Marlon Moraes

Spherical 2 — Protection

“For this spherical, by your self, you may work on the protection and the counters,” says Moraes.

Spherical 2
Train Reps   Notes   
Jab, cross, knee 30 seconds
Leg kicks 30 seconds
Leg kicks (reverse leg) 30 seconds
Jab, cross, sprawl, knee, then kick 30 seconds
Relaxation 60 seconds
UFC and MMA Fighter Marlon Moraes performing defensive MMA moves for this MMA Workout
Courtesy of Marlon Moraes

Spherical 3 — Core Focus

“It’s the final spherical,” Moraes says, “let’s make sure that we’re pushing ourselves.”

Spherical 3
Train Reps  Notes
Situps 30 seconds
Alt. leg raises (shoulders off the bottom) 30 seconds
Leg raises (each legs): 30 seconds 30 seconds *Strive to not let your toes contact the bottom.
Pushups 30 seconds
Relaxation 60 seconds
UFC and MMA Fighter Marlon Moraes performing core exercises for Round 3 of his MMA Workout
Courtesy of Marlon Moraes

Congrats!! You’re performed!

“That’s it for the exercise,” says Moraes. “Be certain to drink water and your amino complicated now!”

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