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The way to make all 16 Minecraft dyes and their makes use of

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A whole lot of the enjoyable on Minecraft comes from constructing. Whether or not in Inventive or Survival mode, you possibly can construct nearly something you possibly can think about, particularly given the vary of colours that blocks comparable to Terracotta and Concrete could be made in. And that’s the place dyes are available in, as a result of you possibly can’t encompass your self with coloration with out them.

On this information, we’re going to try the best way to make every of Minecraft’s 16 dyes, in addition to a few of their makes use of!

cocoa beans
Crafting Brown Dye from Cocoa Beans

The way to make dyes in Minecraft

Making dyes is (largely) easy. The bulk require an merchandise in a Crafting Desk, and even simply your stock’s 2×2 crafting desk, whereas some require a little bit extra work. Check out the desk under for every of the coloured dyes, which gadgets are required to make them, and if there are any particular necessities. Observe that, typically, a couple of merchandise can be utilized to craft the identical dye. In others, two or extra dyes could be crafted collectively to make a dye of one other coloration. Lastly, two-high flowers – comparable to peonies and rose bushes – lead to two of their respective dyes.

Dye coloration Gadgets required Notes
White Dye Bone Meal
Lily of the Valley
Gentle Gray Dye Azure Bluet, Oxeye Daisy or White Tulip
1 x Black Dye and a couple of x White Dye
1x Gray Dye and 1 x White Dye
Gray Dye 1 x Black Dye and 1 x White Dye
Black Dye Ink Sac
Wither Rose
Brown Dye Cocoa Beans
Orange Dye Orange Tulip
1 x Yellow and 1 x Pink Dye
Yellow Dye Dandelion or Sunflower
Lime Dye 1 x Inexperienced Dye and 1 x White Dye
Sea Pickle Should be smelted in a Furnace
Inexperienced Dye Cactus Should be smelted in a Furnace
Cyan Dye 1 x Blue Dye and 1 x Inexperienced Dye
Blue Dye Lapis Lazuli
Gentle Blue Dye Blue Orchid
1 x Blue Dye and 1 x White Dye
Purple Dye 1 Blue Dye and 1 x Pink Dye
Magenta Dye Allium or Lilac
1 x Purple Dye and 1 x Pink Dye
1 x Pink Dye, 1 x Blue Dye and 1 x White Dye
1 x Pink Dye, 1 x Pink Dye and 1 x Blue Dye
Pink Dye Pink Tulip or Peony
1 x Pink Dye and 1 x White Dye
Pink Dye Poppy, Pink Tulip, Rose Bush or Beetroot

What can dyes be used for in Minecraft?

Other than the apparent, like dying blocks, there are a great deal of makes use of in Minecraft you may not find out about. For instance – and for the document, we predict that is probably the most important – you need to use Minecraft dyes on a tamed cat or wolf to vary the colour of its collar. One other of our favourite makes use of for Minecraft dyes includes a brand new merchandise, launched in 1.17 – candles. Completely different coloured candles could be crafted by placing a candle in a Crafting Desk with a single dye coloration.


Different gadgets you possibly can dye in Minecraft embody beds, wool (which could be redyed from any present coloration), glass (to create stained glass) and Shulker Packing containers.

There’s a good use for dyes which is unique to Bedrock Version, and that’s to dye water. For those who add a dye to a cauldron stuffed with water, the water inside that cauldron will seem coloured. You’ll be able to then use this to dye leather-based. In a decidedly extra boring technique, leather-based is solely crafted with a dye in Java Version.

For those who contact an indication with a bit of dye, it would change the colour of the writing to that of the dye you used. To make this much more spectacular, you possibly can then add an Ink Sac from a Glow Squid to make the letters glow brightly.

Lastly, dyes are used within the crafting of Fireworks and Banners, however they’re extra complicated in themselves, so preserve a watch out for guides on each the best way to craft and use Fireworks and the best way to make Banners – coming quickly to our rising Minecraft hub!

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