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The way to defeat Giovanni in Pokémon Go — November

As a part of one other Workforce Go Rocket occasion in Pokémon Go, Giovanni is again. This time, he brings with him a sturdy workforce headed up by Shadow Lugia, so let’s check out defeat Giovanni in Pokémon Go in November 2021.

Finest counters to beat Giovanni in Pokémon Go

We’ll check out a number of the greatest Pokémon to take into battle with Giovanni. Beating the Workforce Go Rocket boss is important for finishing the Misunderstood Mischief analysis earlier than November twenty sixth, so that you’ll must be sure to’re ready.

That is solely a tough information as Giovanni can take a special second Pokémon into battle, and all Pokémon can have a special moveset. Make sure you make word of the Pokémon and strikes that Giovanni makes use of in case you might have hassle taking him on first time spherical.

Giovanni’s First Pokémon — Persian counters

defeat giovanni best persian counters

As at all times, Giovanni will begin your battle together with his trusty sidekick, Persian. Persian can have plenty of completely different movesets, however will almost definitely have Darkish and Regular strikes. As such, a powerful combating Pokémon ought to deal with Persian effectively. On prime of being robust towards Darkish and Regular kind Pokémon, Preventing-type Pokémon may even be immune to Rock-type transfer Energy Gem which Persian might additionally enter battle with.

Finest total Persian counters

  • Lucario with Counter and Energy-Up Punch (Preventing)
  • Machamp with Counter and Cross Chop (Preventing)
  • Shadow Machamp with Counter and Cross Chop (Preventing)
  • Conkuldurr with Counter and Dynamic Punch (Preventing)

Defeat Giovanni’s second Pokémon

On your second opponent, Giovanni can soak up one in all three Pokémon. In the mean time, this could possibly be Kingler, Nidoking or Rhyperior. Once more, every of those Pokémon will be capable of enter battle with a variety of movesets, so right here’s a normal information to what may be your greatest counter total.

Finest total shadow Kingler counters

defeat giovanni kingler counters

The strongest likelihood is that Kingler will enter battle with a mix of Metal and Water-type strikes. Electrical-types are nice total to soak up towards Kingler attributable to their resistance towards Metal and effectiveness towards Water. Grass-moves are additionally super-effective towards Water, so must also be a consideration.

  • Mega Ampharos with Volt Change and Thunder Punch (Electrical)
  • Magnezone (Metal/Electrical) with Spark and Wild Cost (Electrical)
  • Ludicolo with Razor Leaf and Leaf Storm (Grass)
  • Torterra with Razor Leaf and Photo voltaic Beam (Grass)

Finest total shadow Nidoking counters

defeat giovanni nidoking counters

Shadow Nidoking will seemingly enter battle with a Poison or Metal quick transfer. Your greatest wager shall be resisting this with a Metal-type Pokémon as Metal is immune to each Poison and Metal itself. Then, as Nidoking is weak towards Floor and Psychic-type strikes, it’s best to try to utilise these to take Nidoking down ASAP.

  • Excadrill (Metal/Floor) with Mud Shot and Drill Run (Floor)
  • Jirachi with Confusion (Psychic) and Doom Need (Metal)
  • Metagross with Bullet Punch and Meteor Mash (Metal)

Finest total shadow Rhyperior counters

defeat giovanni rhyperior counters

As Rhyperior is a Floor and Rock-type Pokémon, it will likely be most immune to Grass-type and Water-type strikes. Different weaknesses you may additionally have already got in your arsenal embody Floor, Preventing and Metal-types.

  • Shadow Torterra with Razor Leaf and Frenzy Plant (Grass)
  • Torterra with Razor Leaf (Grass) and Sand Tomb (Floor)
  • Gyarados with Waterfall and Hydro Pump (Water)
  • Mega Gyarados with Waterfall and Aqua Tail (Water)

Finest total Giovanni counters for second Pokémon

While you first go up towards Giovanni, you could need to soak up one thing extra generic as you gained’t know which of the above Pokémon you’ll be battling towards. As such, you could need to take a look at taking a powerful Grass-type as this could possibly be a worthy contender towards each Kingler and Rhyperior. You could possibly then take a look at taking in a powerful Floor-type, as this may maintain up towards Nidoking or Rhyperior.

  • Excadrill (Metal/Floor) with Mud Shot and Drill Run (Floor)
  • Torterra with Razor Leaf and Photo voltaic Beam (Grass)
  • Mega Venusaur with Vine Whip and Photo voltaic Beam (Grass)

Finest counters for Shadow Lugia

defeat giovanni lugia counters

Lastly, if you happen to survive the primary two battles, you’ll be up towards Shadow Lugia. As a Psychic and Flying-type Pokémon, Lugia is weak to plenty of varieties together with Darkish and Bug. Nonetheless, your greatest wager shall be to take a Pokémon into battle with Rock or Electrical-type strikes. A Metal-type Pokémon would even be good attributable to its resistance towards each Flying and Psychic.

  • Melmetal (Metal) with Thunder Shock (Electrical) and Rock Slide (Rock)
  • Magnezone (Metal/Electrical) with Spark and Wild Cost (Electrical)
  • Raikou with Volt Change and Wild Cost (Electrical)
  • Tyranitar with Smack Down (Rock) and Crunch (Darkish)

Finest workforce to defeat Giovanni — November 2021

In conclusion, the perfect workforce you possibly can soak up towards Giovanni will depend upon which three Pokémon he shall be attacking with. Nonetheless, to begin with, you possibly can actually utilise a great mixture of the above. For instance:

  • Lucario with Counter and Energy-Up Punch (Preventing) — Persian/Rhyperior
  • Magnezone (Metal/Electrical) with Spark and Wild Cost (Electrical) — Kingler/Lugia/Nidoking
  • Shadow Torterra with Razor Leaf and Frenzy Plant (Grass) — Kingler/Rhyperior

Can shadow Lugia be shiny in Pokémon Go?

Lugia might be shiny in Pokémon Go, which suggests that you’ve got an opportunity of encountering a shiny Shadow Lugia while you defeat Giovanni. As at all times with shiny Pokémon, although, the probabilities are slim, so good luck!

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