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Synovial Plica Syndrome Defined | Credihealth Weblog

Synovial Plica Syndrome or just Plica Syndrome

It is a situation regarding irritation, enlargement, or irritation of the plica within the knee. Plica is a membrane within the lining of the knee-joint or continuation of the protecting synovial capsule that divides the knee into separate sections throughout fetal improvement.

Through the second trimester of fetal improvement, the plica within the fetus normally reduces in measurement, and doesn’t trigger any hassle when the kid is born and even later. Nevertheless, in some adults this membrane is extra extrusive, particularly in individuals who might have had accidents or a number of surgical procedures over the medial a part of the knee. In such a case the medial synovial plica turns into thick & fibrotic and develops right into a Plica Syndrome.

There are 4 plica synovial folds within the human physique out of which just one, known as the Medial Plica, results in the Plica Syndrome. This plica joins the decrease finish of the kneecap to the decrease finish of the thighbone.


The principle reason for the Plica Syndrome is irritation, irritation, or enlargement of the plica within the knee. Overuse & bending of the knee makes it extra inclined to damage and irritation, resulting in this situation.An damage to the plica might end in thickening of the plica and its dropping elasticity, leading to ache & irritation.

This situation might develop attributable to any of the next causes:

  1. Repetitive motions
  2. Kneeling for lengthy durations
  3. Extreme workouts which put stress on the knee
  4. Actions which contain repetitive straightening & bending of the knee, reminiscent of, operating, jogging, kicking, leaping, biking, and extra
  5. An injured plica because of an accident
  6. Direct damage to the knee whereas indulging in sports activities, reminiscent of, volleyball, soccer, soccer, and extra

Indicators and Signs

The principle signs of a Plica Syndrome are:

  1. Ache, particularly whereas squatting, sitting, and kneeling
  2. Tenderness
  3. Catching, clicking, and locking of the knee
  4. Snapping sensation
  5. Swelling


A Basic Doctor or an Orthopedic Surgeon is the subject material professional.

Checks and Investigations

The prognosis of a Plica Syndrome commences with a historical past and bodily examination, which helps the doctor to seek out origin of the ache, in addition to, really feel the plica tissue band. X-rays and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) will not be of a lot use to detect this situation.

Nevertheless, they might assist in prognosis of different knee illnesses, reminiscent of, tearing of the meniscus or ligaments of the knee, and are useful in ruling out Plica Syndrome. A Computed Tomography (CT) Scan is useful in understanding if the plica has thickened.

The most effective methodology to detect and deal with this situation is thru an Arthroscopy.

It is a Minimally Intrusive Surgical procedure that entails insertion of a small fiber-optic TV digital camera that provides the surgeon a transparent image of the knee-joint and helps in figuring out if the medial plica has any irritation.

Therapy Modalities Accessible

With the intention to cut back irritation of the plica, remedy of Plica Syndrome doesn’t normally want surgical procedure. Physicians suggest surgical procedures solely when all different remedy modalities fail.

The remedy features a guided Rehabilitation Program with a deal with strengthening of the quadriceps muscular tissues, instantly hooked up to the medial plica, in addition to, avoiding actions which trigger ache on this membrane.

Non-operative remedy:

The non-surgical remedy for Plica Syndrome contains:

  1. Anti-inflammatory drugs reminiscent of Ibuprofen or Aspirin
  2. Software of ice-compression packs
  3. Ice therapeutic massage
  4. Cortisone Injection into the plica
  5. Therapeutic workouts underneath supervision of a physiotherapist
  6. Ultrasound
  7. Friction therapeutic massage
  8. Iontophoresis (the process of inserting anti-inflammatory medicines utilizing gentle electrical present)

Operative remedy:

If all of the above strategies fail, then the doctor might recommend an Arthroscopic Surgical procedure to take away the plica. The surgeon makes use of an arthroscope to detect the plica and removes it by inserting small devices. Step by step, scar tissues exchange the void created by the plica.

Complication in Administration

Non-surgical remedy might result in: Steady ache and/or clicking

Operative remedy might result in:

  1. Ache
  2. Stiffness
  3. Failure to enhance

Not often surgical procedures may additionally trigger:

  1. Bleeding
  2. An infection
  3. Nerve damage


Non-operative Rehabilitation:

Non-operative rehabilitation requires 4 to six weeks. Underneath a physiotherapist’s steerage, the affected person might take pleasure in strengthening and stretching workouts.

Surgical Rehabilitation:

Surgical rehabilitation contains conserving ache underneath management, growing the power of the muscular tissues, and maximizing the vary of movement. A physiotherapist suggests workouts, relying on the affected person’s situation.

Bodily Exercise Necessities

Sufferers affected by Plica Syndrome ought to strictly keep away from all actions that trigger ache to the knee. Overuse, in addition to straining the knee might irritate the situation. Publish-surgery, the affected person must put the knee to relaxation for just a few weeks earlier than beginning the Rehabilitation Program.

Prevention to Keep away from Recurrence

You will need to take relaxation and to get again to every day actions, in addition to, be a part of again sporting actions solely after full restoration. Additionally, correct padding reduces chance of direct damage to knee.

Assist from Household

Plica Syndrome is normally very painful. Therefore, psychological help and assurance from the members of the family helps in sooner restoration of the affected person.

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