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Misplaced Ark Guardian Raids Information

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Guardian Raids are, in my view, a few of Misplaced Ark’s most satisfying items of finish sport content material. In Guardian Raids, gamers can staff up with as much as three different gamers to tackle huge creatures, or Guardians, out in Arkesia. Every Guardian comes with its personal distinctive set of assault patterns and skills. You can not see Guardian’s well being bars in the identical manner you may for a boss in an Abyss Dungeon, including one other attention-grabbing factor to those challenges.

Every Guardian Raid has its personal merchandise stage entry requirement, they’re alleged to turn out to be more and more troublesome as you progress via the degrees. Nonetheless, some Guardians have raid wipe skills or distinctive interactions that make them tougher. Going into these raids armed with information will prevent, and your occasion, deaths!

Tips on how to unlock Guardian Raids

You have to be fight stage 50 and full the Information quest Guardian Raid {Qualifications} Certificates to unlock Guardian Raids. Upon getting accomplished this quest, you can begin a raid from the Guardian Raid bulletin board present in each main metropolis. You possibly can full two Guardian Raids per day and the anticipated rewards embrace equipment, engraving recipes and leapstones.

Tier 1 Guardian Raids

The primary part of the Guardian Raids incorporates pretty easy bosses. There’s nothing particular about these bosses aside from the same old line abilities, cost abilities and different AOE abilities. Choose which of them of those Guardian Raids you wish to to do a day. For those who want gear, then go for essentially the most related, however, in order for you the honing assets, then you may go for no matter is best. That is an concept you should utilize as you progress via the totally different tiers.

Raid Degree 1


Merchandise stage 302+

“Ur’nil, now properly armoured, devastates ahead foes with raging paws”.


Merchandise stage 340+

“Guardian Luen stays within the thick fog and exams the adventurers who seem earlier than them with a light-weight of brilliance”.

Icy Legoros

Merchandise stage 380+

“Icy Legoros generates chilly power from its hulking physique to freeze enemies after which shatter them into bloody shards of ice”.


Merchandise stage 420+

“Vertus, a behemoth known as the Ruler of Frost, is claimed to freeze the physique simply by being near it. Be careful for Vertus’s chilly breath and highly effective tail”.

Raid Degree 2

Lost Ark Flame Fox Yoho
Keep in mind Yoho as this boss reappears all through the tiers.


Merchandise stage 460+

“This Tyrant with sturdy again shell is not only an enormous and difficult beast. Be careful for the breath emanating from the roar and the magick spheres emanating from the shell”.


Merchandise stage 500+

“With its gigantic physique, robust, laborious claws and large thorns, Nacrasena, the guardian of the desert, overwhelms those that witness its grandeur”.

Flame Fox Yoho

Merchandise stage 540+

“The breath of flames emanating from Flame Fox Yoho burns all environment and douses the opponent in flames”.


Merchandise stage 580+

“The fierce and large Tytalos, with its Sandstone Claws, seems among the many sands of the desert and strikes concern into the hearts of those that see it”.

Tier 2 Guardian Raids

Raid Degree 3

Lost Ark Helgaia Guardian Raid Guide
Helgaia is a firey chook that turns into accessible within the Tier 2 of the Misplaced Ark Guardian Raid part.

Darkish Legoros

Merchandise stage 802+

“Darkish Legoros fumes pour darkish energy from its large physique and blinds its enemies to make them straightforward prey”.


Merchandise stage 840+

“Helgaia is a large chook with vibrant feathers, and when the combat begins, the feathers regularly turn out to be lined with flames and turn out to be extra highly effective. There’s a legend that even after demise, Helgaia’s spirit rises from the hearth”.


Merchandise stage 880+

“The fierce frenzy of Calventus covers the entire space in darkness, denying all existence besides himself”.


Merchandise stage 920+

“Achates, who has wings of dazzling mild, possesses the dignity of overpowering all beings with divine energy”.

Raid Degree 4

Lost Ark Alberhastic Guide
Alberhastic is among the large bads of this part of the Misplaced Ark Guardian Raids.

Frost Helgaia

Merchandise stage 960+

“Frost Helgaia, lined with fiery chilly flames, makes use of highly effective ice and chilly breath to freeze all dwelling issues”.

Lava Chromanium

Merchandise stage 1000+

“There’s a crack behind Lava Chromanium the place scorching lava flows. Smoke and flames leak from the hole”.


Merchandise stage 1040+

“The outdated being, the Elemental King Levanos, wears highly effective armour. With a purpose to assault the core, the supply of its energy, first take away the armour”.


Merchandise stage 1080+

“Guardian Alberhastic, who waited to decide on till after the Chain Conflict, confirmed its magnificent look to Arksesia, holding a spear of agony”.

Tier 3 Guardian Raids

Lost Ark Igrexion Guardian Raid Guide
One of many T3 Guardian Raids in Misplaced Ark

Raid Degree 5

Armoured Nacrasena

Merchandise stage 1302+

“Armoured Nacrasena transforms a reasonably weak tail right into a lethal mace and makes use of it for assaults. The strengthened tail has the ability to destroy every little thing straight away”.


Merchandise stage 1340+

“Igrexion, a devastating predator who colored the earth crimson through the Chain Conflict. When he broke via the darkish crimson earth with a harsh roar, he started to destroy every little thing perceived as an enemy”.

Evening Fox Yoho

Merchandise stage 1370+

“A mysterious mild that flows from a starlight-covered tail. If one is seduced by the fantastic thing about Evening Fox Yoho, one shall be attacked by the merciless claws hidden in it”.


Merchandise stage 1385+

“Velganos, grasp of the ability of sunshine and darkness, judged the enemy by expressing his burning anger”.

That concludes this Misplaced Ark Guardian Raids Information. We hope you discovered it helpful! For those who did, why not take a look at another content material at our Misplaced Ark hub?

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