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Methods to get the Owlbear cub in Baldur’s Gate 3?

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To the delight of everybody. Larian has allowed gamers to recruit an Owlbear cub into their sport’s camp. Maintaining a pet Owlbear in your shut quarters may not appear to be the most effective thought but it surely actually is an alluring one. Nonetheless, it’s not as simple as selecting the cub up, you’ll want to leap by way of fairly a number of hoops earlier than you possibly can deliver your new pet again to camp.

Owlbear Location

Very first thing’s first, you could discover the Owlbear cave. There you’ll discover the mom Owlbear and her cub.

You’ll discover the Owlbear cave entrance simply after encountering the dwarvern True Soul and his siblings. If you happen to comply with the tracks all the way down to the close by river, you’ll spot the cave entrance simply on the opposite facet of the river. When you go in, you’ll enter a small cave system, comply with it as you’ll naturally, and ultimately you’ll encounter the Owlbear simply on the finish of the cave.

The most important draw back to desirous to have the cub is that the quickest method to get it means you could eliminate the mom. Clearly, you may not really feel too grand about that, however it’s the solely method to get the cub. Both you possibly can kill it, or knock it out. However right here’s a tip, if you happen to have interaction in fight and knock it out, then go for a protracted relaxation and return, you’ll discover Goblins ‘completed’ the job and stole the cub.

Goblins took the Owlbear!

At this level, with out its mom to defend it, the cub is taken by the Goblins. Right here, you’ll discover the cub, and upon speaking to it you’ll meet Krolla, one of many goblins who boasts about their new sport, Hen-Chasing. After speaking to the cub, and succeeding in two animal dealing with checks, it’ll comply with go to your camp, however solely after the goblins are gone. Evidently, you’ll want to have the ability to speak to the cub through the use of Converse with Animals. Or you possibly can flip into an animal your self – as a druid – and speak to it that method.

At this level, you’ll must do one in all two issues. Take care of the Goblins in no matter method you see match. Whether or not that’s by eliminating all of them one after the other, ranging from the surface drunken goblins, or rooting them out from the within. However right here’s a heads-up, the best method to take care of the drunken ones are by poisoning their drink. In any other case, whenever you take care of the within ones, the surface Goblins will assault you on sight and you’ll in a short time be surrounded and swarmed. Or you possibly can speak to Krolla and also you’ll have a collection of choices: intimidate, persuade, purchase the cub for 500 gold, or use your Illithid knowledge. Naturally, the illithid powers are the best and quickest method to get it, however not with out a value, clearly.

petals, petals on the water — Scratch & Owlbear Cub in Community Update #13  -...

At this level, Krolla offers you the Owbear and your character will comment upon the poor factor and hopes that it’ll have the ability to comply with your scent again to camp. Fortunately, it would do and subsequent time you get to the camp, you’ll have a brand new addition to the camp squad! However don’t fear if it’s not there straight away, some gamers have remarked that it may take a number of nights earlier than the cub reveals up.

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