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Ghostwire Tokyo: Zashiki-warashi facet mission information

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Most of your time in Ghostwire: Tokyo shall be spent exorcising malevolent spirits. However sometimes you’ll get the possibility to assist out some benevolent ones as a substitute. In contrast to the Deep Cleansing facet mission, Zashiki-warashi won’t throw you right into a sprit-cleansing gauntlet. As an alternative, you get to assist out a family spirit and be rewarded handsomely in your time. We’ll stroll you thru methods to full the Zashiki-warashi Facet Mission with our Ghostwire Tokyo Facet Mission information.

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To start the Zashiki-warashi Facet Mission, head immediately south from the Namita Shrine. You’ll quickly discover the spirit of an previous lady outdoors of a home., certain to her spot as a result of she will be able to’t bear to go away her lacking family spirit behind. The spirit tells you that she is certain her landlord kidnapped the Zashiki-warashi with a purpose to declare the nice luck it bestows. She then provides you Shio Senbei crackers and asks you to position them on a dish inside the home to lure out the Zashiki-warashi. resizeimage151 1

Due to The Vanishing, there’s no one to cease you from rifling by the owner’s belongings, so be at liberty to select up some consumables and information in your hassle. Additionally, you will discover a lockbox inside the lounge cabinet, with a key required to open it. Transfer down the hall to the precise and discover a be aware written by the owner on the finish on a dresser. He mentions that he left the important thing for his lockbox contained in the Buddhist altar in his bed room.

Return to the doorway and take the primary door on the left to seek out the owner’s bed room.  The Buddhist statue shall be conspicuously absent, and KK will inform you to make use of Spectral Imaginative and prescient to find it. Achieve this and the altar will seem immediately, with the important thing inside. resizeimage150

Return to the lockbox now and use the important thing to open it. Inside shall be a ground plan for the home, indicating a hidden room. Return to the doorway and head down the hall on the precise, getting into the sliding doorways. Flip to face the south wall within the room past and use Spectral Imaginative and prescient as soon as extra. The hidden room will develop into seen.

Landlord points

As soon as within the hidden room, the grasping Landlord’s Specter will manifest. Seal him away, after which place the shio senbei within the blue dish supplied. The Zashiki-warashi will seem, and you may return to the previous lady outdoors. Together with her family spirit protected, she is going to be at liberty to go on. resizeimage149

After the previous lady departs, select to obtain energy from the Zashiki-warashi to finish your mission! You’ll not solely obtain Meika and XP, but in addition a Magatama. These are extraordinarily necessary gadgets in Ghostwire Tokyo, permitting you to unlock highly effective expertise in your ability tree.

This concludes the Ghostwire Tokyo Zashiki-warashi Facet Mission information. When you appreciated this, why not take a look at our Ghostwire Tokyo hub for extra guides?

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