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Core Keeper bosses: Tips on how to discover all of the bosses in Core Keeper

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Once you log right into a contemporary new world of Core Keeper, you might be introduced with three completely different statues. Every statue represents one of many three bosses you’re going to wish to beat within the sport to progress and ‘full the sport’. Nonetheless, there are different bosses knocking round, so, we are going to inform you every little thing it is advisable know in regards to the bosses in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper Bosses

Core Keeper Slime Boss Guide
Glurch is the primary boss within the sport.

On the time of writing, there are six bosses in Core Keeper. You’ve the three most important bosses that it is advisable discover and kill to energy up the core. Nonetheless, there are one other three bosses within the Azeos Wilderness, the biome that was launched as a part of the sport’s early entry launch.

The primary three bosses it is advisable combat are as follows:

  1. Glurch the Abominable – Aka the Slime boss.
  2. Ghorm the Devourer – The Worm Boss
  3. Hive Mom – The Chrysalis Larvae hatcher
  4. Malugaz The Corrupted (non-obligatory boss)

Numbers one to 3 are the order of bosses you can combat and kill in Core Keeper. Usually, the Slime boss is positioned inside shut proximity to the Core, whereas Ghorm might be discovered on vast filth paths that you’ll find all through the Clay Caverns and the Forgotten Ruins. Lastly, the Hive Mom is discovered within the hive sub biomes of the Clay Caverns.

In the event you ever get caught looking for the placement of the bosses, you possibly can all the time use a mixture of historical equipment and historical gems to create a boss locator, which might be crafted from the Slime Boss statue on the core. That is notably helpful for locating the Hive Mom as she is essentially the most out of the best way boss of the three most important bosses.

As for Malugaz, this boss is an non-obligatory boss related to the Forgotten Ruins. It’s essential to acquire Crystal Cranium Shards, which usually drop from Cavelings, particularly the Shamans with the fireplace workers and the stone storage containers you’ll find all through the Caveling dwelling sub biomes. You’ll be able to then flip ten right into a cranium, which you place on a summoning stone someplace within the Forgotten Ruins biome. It’s sometimes a round room, with a 2×2 stone tile with a face engraved on it. That’s the summoning location of Malugaz.

Oh, and you may as well repeatedly summon the bosses by shopping for summoning gadgets from the Caveling vendor, which might transfer in after you beat Ghorm for 500 per summon.

Azeos Wilderness Core Keeper Bosses

Then, within the Azeos Wilderness, you might have one other two bosses you possibly can encounter.

  1. Ivy the Toxic Mass
  2. Azeos the Sky Talon

Ivy is maybe the toughest boss to search out in Core Keeper as there is no such thing as a Ivy scanner. As a substitute, you’re going to wish to do numerous tunneling, till you finally bump into their places. Nonetheless, that is excellent news, since you want Scarlet Ore to forge your self the subsequent tier of armor and weapons that it is advisable tackle the Core Keeper bosses.

Regardless of the issue of monitoring down the boss, there’s a key giveaway. You’ll come throughout a big space stuffed with pink floor slime. It’s much like the way you bump into Glurch in that sense.

Core Keeper Azeos Scanner
You’ll be able to craft this on the Hive Mom shrine

As for Azeos the Sky Talon, this boss might be tracked utilizing a scanner from the Hive Mom. You have to 5 Historic gems and Mechanical Elements, together with 10 Historic Feathers, which you discover whereas exploring the Azeos WildernessHowever, to truly summon the boss, it is advisable craft an merchandise known as the Massive Shiny Slimmering Object. This requires 10 Copper, Tin, Iron, and Scarlet Bars, and 5 Gold Bars. Lastly, you want three historical gems. This merchandise is consumed to summon the boss because the designated location the canner factors you in direction of. SO, should you die, you will want to craft one other one.

As soon as when we’ve got guides on tips on how to beat all six Core Keeper bosses, we are going to replace the web page with boss guides for you. For extra Core Keeper guides, why not try our hub for extra content material on the sport.

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